• I’m a Christian But I Have an Addiction…How Can I Deal With This?

    It is quite disconcerting to be a Christian and realize that you have been caught up in the vortex of addiction. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, etc., the general perception is that addiction is caused by moral shortcomings. With faith, we’re told, we can rectify such a transgression.

    Fortunately, this archaic mindset is no longer dominant. Today’s Christians understand that addiction is a disease. Willpower alone is not the path toward recovery. It is more than just a matter of faith. Such acceptance is essential for Christian addicts to get the help they need and deserve.

    Specific Addiction-Related Challenges for the Christian

    Being part of a Christian community can mean you hold yourself to a particular standard. The people in your life may also have high expectations for you. It is never easy to face the reality that you have let them down, let yourself down, and let God down. As a result, addiction most often involves a fair amount of lying.

    You feel too ashamed to admit you’ve fallen prey to addiction, so you choose dishonesty as a way to hide it. But, while you can temporarily trick people about your problems, God knows what you are doing. He wants you to seek the treatment you need. The sooner you can access this, the sooner you can recover.

    The Parallel Track of Self-Help

    Once you’ve embraced the need to get help from a Christian-based therapist, you can supplement this work with your own self-help steps. You can lean on your faith in the name of enhancing your efforts in therapy. Here are some suggestions toward that goal:

    1. Lean on Your Community

    While you may first feel some shame or guilt, you can quickly recognize that what your Christian wants is for you to heal. Create a support system made up of people of faith. They will dramatically increase your chances of experiencing a full recovery.

    2. Prayer

    Prayer brings you closer to God. It also teaches you how to seek the answers you need and how to better help yourself. Addiction recovery is a daunting task. Your faith will sustain you but even so, it will be challenged. Your daily practice of prayer will keep you focused. It directly connects you with God and positions you to receive His guidance. This connection will help you see what needs to be done, e.g.

    • Change your life
    • Replace self-destructive habits and thoughts
    • Walk on a new and better path

    3. Biblical Meditation

    As a counterbalance to the temptation and the frustration, find important biblical passages to give you strength and wisdom. This can assist you in never losing sight that God is here for you. Through the cravings, self-doubt, and deception, He sees the spiritual potential in you.

    Meditating on the principles of Christianity every single day is also a wonderful way to experience the healing that only God can offer. So, stay open to learning new perspectives and concepts — even as you undergo the crucial experiences of therapeutic treatment.

    4. Practice Gratitude

    God gives us so many gifts. Even when we are going through difficult times, those gifts never stop coming. Try keeping a gratitude journal to keep track of all the small things you appreciate. Doing so offers you perspective on where you are and where you are headed.

    Christian Mental Health Care is Real and Effective

    Yes, you can work with a mental health professional who shares your faith and commitment. I’ve helped countless Christians as they faced up to challenges like an addiction. If you or someone you know needs such support, I invite you to reach out today.